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A message for 2022

Aaron Wenner

Dear CiteRight-ites,

As we move into 2022, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you, congratulate you, and celebrate our achievements over the past year. 

We are building the indispensable drafting tool for litigation teams worldwide — one that’s so useful, lawyers can’t imagine their lives without it. Seemingly “simple” features like automatically inserting hyperlinks to CanLII made our customers’ lives easier this year, and our work on improving integrations with platforms like Caselines — as well as our groundbreaking work with French — will bear fruit in the year to come. Together with our total dedication to customer success, these new features are game changers. — Together, we’re showing our customers how CiteRight can help them do the work that's meaningful to them and their clients, and automate the stuff that isn't. 

Beyond the product features we delivered, your incredible energy and hard work has resulted in:

  • Making life easier for legal teams at Canada’s largest and most prestigious law firms
  • Creating a culture of excellence and customer focus
  • Achieving major growth!

I’m so proud of all of you. This year, I’ve seen us grow and develop more than I thought possible. Your dedication to our products and services ensure we excel at execution and see continued improvement. 

Because of you, CiteRight will continue to grow in our chosen markets, beginning with medium-sized and larger firms in Canada and beyond. 

I can’t wait to celebrate the accomplishments that await us, and I’m looking forward to working with you all in 2022. 




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