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An essential tool in Gowling WLG’s litigation arsenal

CiteRight’s march across Bay Street continues. We’re proud to announce that we’re launching at Gowling WLG. In the coming weeks we’ll be introducing CiteRight to their litigation teams across Canada.

Remote work is the new normal throughout Canada, and if you're a litigator finding the right technology to collaborate with colleagues continues to be a challenge if you can’t walk down the hall for a quick chat. Here at CiteRight, we’ve built Canada’s leading legal research and knowledge-sharing platform, and it’s an honour to see it become part of Gowling’s innovation strategy. Read their full announcement here

Helping Gowling transform its litigation workflow

In the post-Covid world, courts have gone digital, but that creates some real challenges if you’re a litigator who’s trying to keep up with the latest practice directives. 

That’s one of the reasons that Ginevra Saylor, director of innovation and knowledge programs at Gowling WLG, and Brent J. Arnold, head of the firm's Commercial Litigation Technology Sub-Group, were attracted to CiteRight.

As Brent Arnold put it: “CiteRight promises to be an essential tool in our litigation arsenal. With courts moving rapidly to digital submission requirements, our teams need to be able to produce consistently excellent work, while working efficiently and collaboratively. CiteRight is the obvious choice for us."

Brent Arnold
Brent Arnold

Another key point in CiteRight’s favor? We make it easy for remote litigation teams to keep working smoothly. 

Ginevra Saylor
summarized it this way: “CiteRight is a truly groundbreaking tool, one that will strengthen the ability of our litigators and paraprofessionals to share legal knowledge, research, and resources with one another, while continuing to provide efficient client services of the highest quality.

Ginevra Saylor

It’s an honour to be working with Gowling WLG. We’re thrilled to partner with such a well-respected firm, and to see CiteRight become part of their knowledge and collaboration strategy. Our product helps lawyers focus their efforts on areas where they truly excel, and so we are looking forward to helping Gowling WLG produce the highest quality results for their clients.

CiteRight is the collaboration tool for today's litigators. Find out how we make it easy get court documents out the door faster.

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