Introducing:  AI Insights: Get Instant Case Summaries for Faster Litigation. Learn more.

AI Insights: Instant Case Summaries for Litigators

Synthesize and communicate case insights instantly with on-demand case summaries, powered by Jurisage AI.


Why us?

Our case law summaries are trusted across Canada and by ICLR, the leading case law bureau in England and Wales. Developed by Jurisage AI, AI Insights leverages decades of experience in Canadian law and AI to deliver exceptional quality and precision.

See how it works

Summarize cases effortlessly

AI Insights enables litigators and their teams to quickly and efficiently generate high-quality case summaries, saving valuable time and allowing them to focus on other critical tasks.

  • Tailored Summaries
    Select from ten different categories of summaries, specifically designed for legal professionals.

  • Quality Case Summaries in Seconds
    Accurate and reliable, rigorously validated summaries powered by Jurisage AI using  court data.

  • One-Click Prompts, No Chatbots
    Easily generate summaries by selecting from 10 pre-optimized categories with a single click. No chatbots necessary.

Case Study: Preparing for a Hearing with AI Insights

Learn how senior lawyers at firms of all sizes use AI Insights to quickly generate case summaries and streamline their preparation for hearings. Learn about the time-saving benefits and improved efficiency.

Powered by Jurisage AI

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