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We're making CiteRight free of charge for the next two months

TL;DR: It’s tough out there. We’d like to help your entire litigation team collaborate effectively, paperlessly — and remotely. Take two free months on us. Sign up for a free trial and use our offer code FLATTENTHECURVE to activate. 

These are truly extraordinary times we're living in. With courts temporarily shut down and our colleagues sent home, we're all scrambling to find new ways to adjust. We’re all asking ourselves the same question: how are we possibly going to get all of our work done? 

CiteRight would like to help. With our own business continuity plans now in place, we believe that our services can help to make the transition from the office to remote working just a bit easier. ‍‍We’re providing free access to our award-winning legal research collaboration platform for the next two months in response to the global COVID-19 crisis to all customers who have not previously used our services. This move will help litigators and their support staff continue to work effectively while in self-isolation or quarantine.

We’re making this offer available immediately through June 1, 2020, and it includes access to our Solo and Boutique Plans. For more details on these offers visit CiteRight’s pricing page. To take advantage of the offer, sign up for a free trial. When it’s time to activate your subscription, use the offer code FLATTENTHECURVE

CiteRight is a litigation collaboration platform that makes it easy for anyone to create their own library of reusable legal research, while effortlessly generating court submission materials in just seconds. With CiteRight, users can easily download, view, and cite legal cases directly inside Microsoft Word, so that everyone —including litigators, articling students, and practice support staff — has simple access to the documents they need to get their job done. CiteRight’s only requirement is a Windows-based PC. This combination of functionality is the reason Canada’s largest law firms are making CiteRight a critical part of their work-from-home scenarios. 

Because of COVID-19, we’ve seen our current customers scaling up their use of CiteRight to support their sudden move to a largely remote workforce. In fact, we’ve seen a 10X increase in usage since the outbreak began. We hope with these new offers additional firms and solo practitioners can take advantage of our services to help keep their workforce safe.

If you’d like to learn more about CiteRight, you can watch a video showing how it works, book a demo, or reach out directly to our Senior Director of Business Development, Katy Unger.

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