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What’s new in CiteRight 3.0? Effortless Citation Tracking, Quicker Source Selection, Enhanced Security, and more!

At CiteRight, we’re always listening to your feedback and developing new ways to make legal research a little less painful for you. In our 3.0 update, we’ve built even more innovative and ingenious solutions, including Collections in Microsoft Word, citation outlines, easier source navigation, and enhanced security.

Folders are here! (But we call them Collections)

With CiteRight’s Collections feature, you can save related authorities in groups and share them with your colleagues, no matter where they're located. People you've shared collections with can add, remove, or simply view the cases, depending on the permissions you set.

With the new Source Selection Panel, you can access all of your collections from inside Microsoft Word. We've makes it easier for you to organize your research and find exactly what you're looking for. To view a specific case, you can also use the search bar. Gone are the days of strenuous searching through file directories and keeping a hundred tabs open.

Keep track of all the citations in your document

CiteRight’s new List Citations button makes it easier for you to keep track of citations and navigate your document. You can now see a list of all the references you’ve made throughout your document in the References panel. Select an item from the reference outline and you’ll jump to the area in your document where the citation appears. The CiteRight panel will also display the pinpoint text.

No more intense scrolling through your Book of Authorities

Need to locate the 253rd paragraph of a particular case in your Book of Authorities? Don’t sweat it. You can now link directly to a pinpointed paragraph. On the Book of Authorities tab in Preferences, just check the box next to “Include pinpoints on source front page.” The first page of each case in your BoA will now include direct links to all of the paragraphs you've pinpointed.

CiteRight makes navigation through books of authorities even more effortless with automatically generated bookmarks to each case. It really doesn't get any easier.

Protect your documents and client information

Going away on a week-long vacation? CiteRight will keep your account and cases safe. For enhanced security, you’ll now be automatically logged out of CiteRight on MS Word after 7 days of inactivity.

Final thoughts

You can download the latest version of CiteRight by signing into our web application here. We’re so excited to share these new features with you and we know you’ll love this version even more than the last. If you're new here, celebrate our new release by signing up today! The CiteRight team is always looking for ways to improve, and we’ve got a lot of cool new things on the way. Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn for news about new features, deals, and much more.

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