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New in CiteRight 3.1: Efficient Hyperlinking and a New Insiders' Program

TL;DR: We're introducing CiteRight 3.1 with some new, must-have features that will make your litigation workflow more efficient and remote-friendly. You can now hyperlink your pinpoints right to CanLII paragraphs, while helping us test our newest features!

What’s the point of hyperlinking pinpoints?

If you’re a current user of CiteRight, you may already know how to add source hyperlinks to your factum so that you can access the original case text (on CanLII, for example) through your footnotes. With CiteRight 3.1, you can also hyperlink individual pinpoints, which will take you directly to specific paragraphs in the case text that you cite in your documents.

Many Canadian courts have started encouraging legal professionals to use CaseLines to manage legal research, document creation and court submissions. When you hyperlink your documents with CiteRight in Microsoft Word, those links will be translated directly to your CaseLines PDF. Instead of having to navigate CaseLines and take a multitude of steps just to hyperlink your sources, CiteRight lets you do it in three clicks— literally. 

Streamline your workflow through these direct connections between your factum and the original electronic source. Download the latest version by logging into your account at, or learn more about these cool workflow features by booking a demo with us.

But wait, there’s more!

[BETA] Rendering Court and Jurisdiction in your footnotes

CiteRight 3.1 now includes support for the court and jurisdiction at the end of your citations. Where the court and jurisdiction are not evident from the case law reporter, our renderer will now identify and add them in parentheses at the end of your citation! 

CiteRight now renders the reporter's court and jurisdiction in your footnotes!

This feature isn't turned on by default. With our Insiders Program, we can now offer users some of the beta features that we plan to roll out in future updates. We want to improve your CiteRight experience and introduce you to new, innovative ideas that will accelerate your litigation workflow. Let us know if you want to be a part of the leading edge of CiteRight and get access to features before they’re widely available! Send us an email at!

Curious to know what we’re planning for our future releases but not ready take the leap into the Insiders Program? Well, you can subscribe to our newsletter and follow our LinkedIn and Twitter to stay in the loop. Or, you can join our beta testing program to play around with some up-and-coming new CiteRight features!

Final thoughts

We’re so excited to share CiteRight’s latest features with you and we know you’ll love this version more than the last. You can download the latest version by signing into our web application here.

If you want to know more, our team is happy to show you a demo on how CiteRight can transform your practice. Book one with us now or check out our training videos.

Our team is always looking for ways to improve, and we’ve got a lot to look forward to. Follow us on social media to get updates on new features, deals, and company news.

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