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Announcing CiteRight Next

Aaron Wenner

Announcing CiteRight Next

Canada’s most popular legal research & document collaboration software is now faster, easier to use, and more productive

We’re excited to announce the immediate availability of CiteRight Next, a fully redesigned and enhanced version update to Canada’s #1 legal research and document assembly suite. CiteRight Next delivers another huge boost to law firm productivity and efficiency with powerful new citation editing controls. Generating court and firm-compliant tables and books of authorities has never been faster or easier. 

CiteRight Next combines two powerful components: 

  1. An all-new browser extension:  

Simplifies and speeds up your case law research and makes it easy to save your work for later use, or share it throughout your firm. 

  1. New Microsoft Word editing features:

Save time in legal document drafting and citation editing while making your documents more compliant to court and firm requirements with ease. 

Let’s review how they work together, eliminating untold hours of unproductive effort from your desk and throughout your firm.

Make your legal research faster and easier with the CiteRight Next Browser Extension 

Case law research is essential to any successful litigation practice, yet it can be a tedious and time-consuming process for lawyers, research librarians, and support staff with these common complaints: 

  • Having to open multiple internet search tabs, often with two monitors
  • Toggling between search tabs, comparing cases, copying & pasting content
  • Pop-up windows that disappear from view when you open new tabs

The CiteRight Next browser extension lets you easily search and view multiple case law examples compare, and evaluate content in a single view. It eliminates frustrating pop-up windows that disappear as you navigate to new cases.

It’s faster, easier, and more productive, saving valuable time your staff could employ elsewhere.


Easily save your legal research or share it throughout your firm with the User/Firm Custom Citation Library

A huge time waster for law firms is searching for past research that applies to a new matter, or worse, having to conduct the research all over again. Expert case law research is a valuable time investment from which the whole firm could benefit. 

The CiteRight Next Citation Library lets you save research to a library for reuse. Even better, you can easily share case law examples throughout the firm without the hassle of copying, pasting, and emailing text snippets or PDF files to colleagues and staff. End costly, repeat-effort research in your firm with the CiteRight Next Citation Library.

Create documents easier, faster, and more compliant with court and firm requirements with the CiteRight Next Microsoft Word Add-in

Law firms love that CiteRight‍ makes case law research, document creation, and citation editing multiple times faster and more accurate than manual methods, but our users wanted more: 

  • More citation editing control 
  • More document appearance customization 
  • More speed
  • More ways to make the firm productive and court-compliant

CiteRight Next delivers all of the above.

New citation editing and customization options give you the editing control to create court and/or firm-compliant documents the way you want them, faster and easier. 

  1. Easier and Faster Editing Control over Citations 

Enhanced citation and formatting options allow you to customize individual citations without affecting the rest of the document. Greater customization options include the ability to suppress the style of cause, use independent case reference fields, change pinpoint types, and add case remarks to individual citations.

  1. Independent Editing Control over Books and Tables of Authorities

Lawyers and staff demand complete control over the appearance of their documents. It’s how to ensure court compliance the way they want it. CiteRight Next lets document creators apply style, format, and appearance customization to Tables of Authorities without affecting Books of Authorities. 

This is a highly valued level of editing control, now made easy in CiteRight Next with enhanced compliance, speed, and efficiency in document creation.

Faster Search – Improved Performance

CiteRight Next is a complete technology update. It’s faster and more reliable so firms can trust it to handle multiple documents opened simultaneously even the largest documents without delays or work interruptions.

Users and Law Firm IT staff save time with real-time product Version Updates

CiteRight Next has exciting and innovative new features planned throughout 2024 and beyond. To make your life (and your IT department’s) easier, most of our upcoming new versions will update seamlessly for you without effort or IT involvement. Lawyers and staff can benefit from new capabilities as they become available without delay.

How to Start Using CiteRight Next

Activating CiteRight Next is easy. Just click the <update> button in the browser extension and refresh your browser. Steps to updating the Microsoft Word add-on may differ from firm to firm. Make your day easier by contacting Our customer success representatives will get you up and running in no time!

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